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Dr Joanne provides online and in-person courses that help to ensure that children’s technology use is quality, balanced and gives them the edge they need to flourish in the digital age.

Many call for a digital detox with the aim of getting everyone off their device. However this is only a symptomatic, short-term response.  We might be able to manage it for one day but very few would consider giving up their online conversations altogether. The fact is we need to consider our vulnerabilities and our strengths and redesign how we relate to each other long term.

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This new legality is powerful food for thought for parenting in the Facebook era. As adults, we often express dissatisfaction at the ways young people post their lives online. But if we turn the mirror on ourselves, do we as parents actually have the right to make our family photos public? If so, which ones?

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Dr Joanne Orlando leads new ideas and understandings about children’s uses of technology.

She draws on a wealth of specialised, cutting edge knowledge, to provide practical solutions that ensure technology is an empowering part of children’s lives.

A hallmark of Joanne’s work is presenting complex ideas in a fresh, simple ways. She is in demand as a speaker nationally and internationally. Joanne regularly presents on TV including on The Today Show, The Project, Daily Edition, ABC 24, the news across all channels, and a large number of radio stations. Joanne is the technology parenting expert at Kidspot, Australia’s number one parenting website. She has published a long list of opinion pieces recognised for their thought-provoking and timely ideas. Joanne also hosts a monthly digital-parenting seminar series based in USA.

As a researcher, Dr Joanne has an invaluable, ground-up understanding of how children use technology and the factors that influence their use. She works closely as an expert with government, key industry (Apple), education sector, and with families to develop practices that will help children to flourish in our digital society.

Joanne is a busy mum of three. She knows what children and adults want to know about, and provides them with real ideas, understanding and effective solutions.


Joanne is a trusted expert media commentator on educational, ethical and social issues that arise from our technology use. She regularly presents across all media including TV, radio, print and online presentations, in Australia, Asia, USA, and UK.

Topics include how technology use influences childhood, family life, learning, and children’s social lives and identity. Joanne introduces new ideas into the media that are thought provoking and timely, and she provides practical solutions that make sense.


Joanne is a warm and engaging speaker who thinks outside the box. She draws on her wide-ranging work to present facts, stories and experiences that inform, surprise and entertain.

Audiences find real meaning in Joanne’s passion and insight in the field, and her explanations of why children and adults use technology in the ways they do.

Joanne is also an engaging and inspirational MC who knows how to draw the best out of panel conversations.

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Research & Advisory

Joanne researches children’s uses of technology at home, in social spaces, and in educational contexts.

A distinct focus of Joanne’s research is that her research involves talking with children, parents and educators  to first hand, holistic understanding of children’s uses of technology. Dr Joanne is located at the Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University, Australia.

Dr Joanne’s has several current research projects including:

  • very young children’s uses of  technology in the home and the implications for learning
  • how children in poverty use technology to support health and education
  • how educators use technology to support and enhance children’s learning
  • features of apps that enhance learning

Dr Jo has recently worked with:

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  It’s commonplace for proud parents to share happy snaps of their children on social media, but some countries are putting in safeguards to ensure it doesn’t cause any future harm for the kids. France and Germany have introduced privacy laws that will hold parents...

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