Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 7.50.40 amWould you say you use technology to much?  I’ve given a lot of media commentary today on a new study released of 2000 high school children and 3000 parents which showed parents to be excessive technology users.

Kids ask parents to put phone down

While we often hear parents concerned about kid’s over use of technology, the results of the survey that show children are equally concerned about their parents technology use.

Over 1/3 of the children have asked their parents to stop checking their mobile device. Of those who asked this, nearly half said their parents took no notice, which led to many children feeling upset and ignored

My research shows similar results

I talk to children of all ages (18 years – 2 years) and many of them complain about their parents technology use. They say things like:

  • Mum pushes me on the swing but she’s checking her phone instead of playing with me
  • Parents interpret conversations with them to answer a text or check on a notification for social media
  • One young girl told me that her mum baths her and her sister every night but the mum takes the phone and spend that time on he phone.

Parents aren’t necessarily in the wrong

When I talk to parents about this they aren’t necessarily playing, they’re doing the banking, ordering the groceries, finishing off the days work, but children, don’t necessarily know that. They are just seeing that mum or dad is on the phone instead of being with me.

We lead by example, even older children whom you think may not be paying too much attention, are watching the ways we use technology and this contributes to what they see as the benchmark for acceptable technology practice.

Tips for keeping balanced technology use at home by parents

  • If you are going to have tech-free times in your home then, make it for kids and parents.
  • Keep a diary for a couple of days to keep track of your technology use at home
  • Ask your children to describe your technology use- it could be a little confronting but you’ll get a good idea of how they see your technology use.