cybersafetyIn my presentation on Kinderling Radio this week I discussed cybersafety for young children. Cyber safety is a complex idea however if it is broken down into three forms, young children will be able to relate to it. These themes are also similar to the general safety messages we teach young children.

  1. Safety regarding those who might be mean or offensive: advocating for yourself and not letting others purposely make you feel uncomfortable or sad.
  2. Safety when giving your personal information to others: we don’t give all our personal information to strangers whether its online or offline.
  3. Safety of your device: not leaving your devices or other important possessions around for others to steal or tamper with.

Just like all messages about safety, discussion with young children about cybersafety is best approached as a regular part of day-to-day conversation. It needs to be a regular message so that children come to learn it as a part of life. At times you might have more of an in depth discussion but only when its most meaningful for children. For example, when you are online together and there is a need to provide information, or maybe when your child is taking their device out with them and together you work out how they will ensure they keep it safe.

Here’s a link to my radio presentation  Kinderling conversation: Cybersafety for the very young