textbook imageIs your child at a school where there is a strong focus on technology?


While the use of technology has been a priority for a number of years now there are still many people who question whether technology should be in schools at all. Some question whether children are missing out on important social skills because they see technology use as a solo and isolated activity. Others are concerned that long hours in front of a screen will effect children’s eye sight. Others state that schools introduce technology into schools as a way of cutting costs and buying text books.

These are all valid issues however it comes down to understanding the priority of schools and why they would then want children to use technology in class time. There are three main reason most schools introduce technology:

1)   Children need to learn skills that fit with our current society. If children still used slate and chalk then we’d worry because they’d be learning in outdated methods. Learning should match the skills and knowledge used in the current society.

2)   Technology and the internet offer so much more to learning than a text book. No longer is learning restricted to the 328 pages contained within the book!

3)   Children enjoy using technology and their use of technology can enhance what they do at school. This helps to keep learning exciting and meaningful.