Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 11.18.26 amHow do you raise kids in a digitally distracted world? Should we have technology-free schools? What are the implications of using technology as a pacifier for children?

I was recently interviewed by a thinklab in London called Digital Mindfulness. In my interview with them I talked about children growing up in a digitally distracted world. Not only are children also on their devices but so are their parents and other adults around them.

This means we need to make some changes so that children get the attention and opportunity to talk with others that they need. Some people talk about a digital detox but that’s only a temporary thing. In this podcast I take a different path and talk about it in other ways.

Here is my recent podcast interviewed by Dr. Lawrence Ampofo CEO Digital Mindfulness. If you’re not sure about the decision you are making with children when it comes to technology- then this podcast is for you.

Listen: Raising children in a digitally distracted world