How do you think the recent announcement to Year 9 students to score highly on NAPLAN or face the consequences, will effect kids of this age. Here I am being interviewed for Channel 7 news on the issue. The threat is that they must pass these tests in order to be eligible to sit the HSC in 4 years time.

Re-sitting the test in much more than inconvenience. There is huge pressure on kids to know how important these tests are and that they are not to fail them. If they do, being deemed a failure at just 14 will effect their self-esteem, how capable they think they are or are not, and their future career. It will also affect the ways their teachers and parents consider their future. Will their learning opportunities be restricted so that they can put all their effort into passing the exam?

Our aim should be to support kids to succeed, not to trip them up so that they feel that they can’t.