Today show


I presented on @TheTodayShow on the weekend. Smacking is banned in 49 countries and Australia is being asked to join that list. My comments were that physical punishment works in the short term however there is a plethora of research that shows it has little effect long term. Research shows that it models to the child that physical punishment is needed to sort out problems. Research also shows that consistent use of physical punishment can lead to anxiety, and strained parent-child relationships.

The best way to ensure your child understands  appropriate actions is to model them yourself and also to be consistent in the behaviour you allow and don’t allow.

The best ways to act as a parent when something goes wrong is to take a minute to calm down, give your child time to calm down and think about the wrong actions, and then talk with your child about what they did wrong and why.  Sometimes we just look at the action without thinking about why they did it- considering why is at the heart of understanding why it occurred and the how to deal with it.