In my latest TV segment I talk about my new research that shows that using technology to reward or punish children can have detrimental long-term effects. 65% of parents now use technology to manage children’s behaviour.

For younger children parents often use it as a reward and for teenagers parents often take away a mobile phone or internet privileges as a punishment for inappropriate behaviour.

Problems occur when parents use this strategy all the time.

Consistently using technology to reward behaviour leads a child to associate technology use with being good (because they are rewarded with technology when they are good!). This means that they will want to use it more and it detracts from quality use.

Consistently taking away a teen’s phone as punishment leads to teens pulling away from parents and not sharing their day to day life as they don’t want to risk having their phone taking away. This has safety implications and weakens the parent-child relationship.

3 take home tips:

Don’t use technology to solve all children behaviour issues

Use a variety of parenting strategies.

Be a positive technology role model