Taiwan recently made the unprecedented move of banning children two years and younger from using any form of digital technology. Older children and teenagers will also be severely restricted, with new laws stating children aged 18 years or less will only be permitted to use electronic devices for a “reasonable” length of time.

Taiwan is not alone in their bold move. Many governments and lobby groups internationally who are making moves to restrict the ways children can use technology.

The basis for these moves is that only by restricting access to technology will they be able to grow up happy and healthy. That by removing technology from children’s lives, that bullying will become non-existent, all children will be fit rather than overweight, and that mental health problems such as aggression and depression in childhood will diminish.

Children’s health and happiness are essential goals. However, this is magic wand thinking and its not going to get us there. Not allowing children to use devices or the internet has many long term implications for learning, relationships and our economies.

To read more the full article was published in the Conversation https://theconversation.com/banning-kids-from-using-technology-is-counter-productive-37173#comment_588388