I was filmed by Early Childhood Australia today for a video which aims at developing educators’ knowledge of how to use technology to support the learning of children in pre-schools and childcare centres. The reason for the video was that there still seems to be minimal use of technology in early childhood education, even though children are making regular use of technology in the home.

Part of the reason for the lack of uptake of technology in early childhood education is the romance of childhood. That is, that childhood is a precious time and adults want to do everything they can to support the well being of children. Some interpret this as an old-fashioned childhood, much like they would have had themselves many years ago.

While there are elements of a traditional childhood which are still very important, such as good family relationships, a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle, we do our children a disservice if we deny them the opportunity to live life to its fullest in their era.

Technology is an important part of the world this generation of children are growing up in. Its important that they have the opportunity to learn using technology and also have fun with it. Technology use is not in opposition to a healthy, happy and balanced life, it can be embedded into it to offer children more options to learn and play.