My latest TV interview with SBS focuses on kid’s screentime, There has been a call for Apple to increase parental control features on their devices as the answer to children’s overuse of screens. 

Is this the best solution? 

My answer is that it’s a much bigger issue than that! 

All adults who guide children’s screen use- tech companies, parents, government and schools – are equally responsible for guiding kids to use technology in healthy and empowering ways.

1. It’s about helping kids understand how their use of tech can effect them (good and bad);

2. At the same time it’s about helping kids to use tech in positive and empowering ways when they are on there.

3. It’s also about reflecting on the mixed messages we give kids from  our own use- eg, when we pass a device to a child to keep them quiet or distracted, yet we have issues with their screentime.

Take ‘time’ out of ‘screentime’

Let’s get the word ‘time’ out of screen time. Guidance is so much more than measuring and controlling the minutes kids are on there. It’s about ‘screen understanding’ ‘screen health’ and ‘screen empowerment.