My TV segment on The Project this week focused on the kids & tech mixed messages we get from the tech giants such as Bill Gates, Tim Cook, etc. It seems they are insistent that children in their family should not use technology or social media much at all! Many ask, where does this leave me with my kids. There’s a couple of ways to think about this.

1. They are placing limits on their kids’ tech use. That’s not a bad thing and ensuring that children’s tech use is balanced with other activities that don’t use a screen is important.

2. It can also be understood as a marketing strategy. They are showing us that limitation is do-able and they are acting as role models for this.

Taking a step back and considering it objectively helps to break away from reacting to confusing messages. My take home message is forget the hype and headlines.

Do what is right for your family.

Aim for helping your kids using technology in a quality way, and aim for balance- some tech and some time for other interests.